Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coffee Date Vlog - Skip the BUCKS!

Yep you heard me right!

Today I am challenging everyone to donate at least $5 to the Pink Project! You can skip that Pumpkin Spice Latte, pass on that double cheeseburger combo, or heck check the seat cushions for change! But I'm sure you can find $5 somewhere.

Let's take this money, not matter how little it may seem to us and use it to help free three more women! It's totally possible, but it has to start with you!!

Now here may be an extra little incentive for you to donate today. We are having a raffle for two Starbucks gift cards!!! YES TWO! One is $50 and the other is $25!!

Holy Cow how awesome is that?!?!

BUT in order to be entered in the raffle you need to donate at least $5 to the Pink Project! Then once you have done that leave me a comment! (No need to tell me amounts, the bosses at Mocha Club can make that happen!) And for every $5 you donate your name will be entered in the raffle! (ex: $25 = 5 entries)

So hurry up and donate now, because this is a ONE DAY ONLY deal!!! And PLEASE tell everyone you know! Let's skip the Bucks and save a life!

Donate to Pink Project

**These Starbucks gift cards would not be possible if it weren't for the donations of: **

**Thank you SO much ladies for your hearts of gold!**

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Julie S. said...

I donated earlier in the week :) happy to help this amazing mission!

Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

you go girl!!!! great FUN idea and so sweet of all your donors to help! community help is key!

Catherine, Craig, and Caleb said...

Donated :) although, i must say i am jealous of you having coffee at all right now! My pot DIED this morning!

kk @ the mom diggity said...

I DONATED TODAY!!!!!! Sooooo glad I waited until today to pitch in. I would blame procrastination, but really I just KNEW there was a reason to wait ;) I hope today goes GREAT!

Jenna said...

I donated today!! What a GREAT cause!! Plus you look great w pink hair!

Miss Angie said...

Very very cool. I've gone ahead and posted about this on my blog today too! :)

Courtney Byrne said...

Just donated!

Tulip TrueAim said...

Really great cause! I have never heard of the Mocha Club before. Thanks for sharing this!

katie_shannon said...

Absolutely LOVE this!! Shared this post on my fb -- so glad to hear so many getting involved with helping these women and I'm more than happy to donate!


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